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Digital-Out-of-Home Advertising Partner

Advertising that pays you!

Digital-Out-of-Home Advertising Partner

Digital-Out-of-Home Advertising gives your business the creative outlet and flexibility it needs to let the customers know who you are and what your business is about.

Digital screens, whether inside or outside your business, can be a dynamic and engaging way to help promote your brand, add impressions, and extend your reach.

When you become an advertising location, not only will you be getting free advertising services, but you will also receive 20% of the advertising revenue from the advertisers on your screen.

You have complete say over what advertisers are displayed in your business and we will never display competing businesses

We will
Install a tv and hardware in your business
or use an existing screen in your business
Connect our hardware to a reliable wifi
Remotely control and update the screen
Secure advertisers for your screen
Create content for your business

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